How to do surveys instantly

How to Complete Surveys Instantly | Comment faire pour remplir des sondages instantanément.

I know that most of you hate surveys and you will never understand whats the reason that behind every download there is a survey. I guarantee that this is the easiest way for the website owner to pay for some of the website’s expenses, and of course to avoid spam.

So, follow these steps and I can guarantee that in 2 minutes most you’ll have the desired access to your File for Download.

** Have in mind that Mobile Surveys are the easiest surveys.

  • Open the survey
  • Visit and generate in seconds a fake ID
  • Put your original mobile number and confirm it
  • In 15 seconds most survey will be unlocked and your file will be available for download.


After you submit the PIN to the survey, send “STOP” immediately to the number that sent you the PIN by SMS, in order NOT to get Charged!

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